Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Personal Touch

Last night, after our clinic at Piligüin, we returned to Cofradia through the center of Tegucigalpa.  Travelling through the city during rush hour was quite a thrilling experience!  Henry, our very capable bus driver, took back roads through the heart of at least one of the shopping areas.  In this part of town there are no traffic signals.  The first vehicle through the intersection is the one that crosses.  Motorcyclists seem to have no rules and just ride wherever they think they have enough room to pass.

When we arrived back at the retreat center and had just finished unloading the truck with the crates, there was a very loud BOOM!! We were all concerned, and soon discovered that one of the tires on the bus had blown!  We are so thankful that it did not happen while we were on the road.

The weather here has been mostly overcast.  It rained some each night, and the sound of the rain on our tin roofs was very soothing.  We’ve only had a little misty drizzle a time or two during the days. The clouds and the rain have helped to keep the temperature down. 

Today, it is sunny and (almost) hot!  We are in a community about 35 minutes drive from Cofradia known as Las Flores.  Luke 9:2 Ministries has held clinics here before, but not in several years.  Since our last time here, the local church has expanded and their “education” space is complete.  With this extra space we house the entire clinic at the church rather than at the local elementary school down the street.

A slightly smaller group (maybe around 100) was waiting for us when we arrived. Cooks from the church were already in action preparing food for those waiting in line.  Just before lunch time, they switched to cooking food for the Honduran workers of the clinic (and oh, my, did it smell good!)

Once again, the general health of the people seems to be good.  Just as in the States, the elderly citizens suffer from joint pain, high blood pressure and poor eyesight.  The children suffer from ear infections and rashes.  Thankfully, at least at the time of this writing, nothing catastrophic has been treated.

With the absence of severe illness and with fewer people needing care, we were able to focus on perhaps the most important element of all – the personal touch.  Many hugs were given (and received), smiles shared, and comfort given to those in pain.  Children were played with and many, many stickers and small toys were given to the children.

Ellen, one of our first timers, commented, “People just want a chance to share their story.  They want to know they are heard and that someone cares.”  In that way, people are the same all over the world.

Final numbers aren’t yet available, but I’m guessing today’s total patient count will be under 300.  

LORD, your word teaches us the healing power of touch. Use us this week to touch the lives of those we serve. 

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