Sunday, January 21, 2018

And the People Came - Day 2 Clinic

After a 2-hour bus ride, we rolled into the city of Guaimaca.

Our host church today is Casa de Restauración Familiar.  In preparation for our arrival, the church advertised the clinic on television, the radio, and in the newspaper.  When we arrived about 9:30 AM, there were already more than 250 people waiting in line!  One woman told us she took a 2-hour bus ride to get to us.

The church was more than prepared for the crowds.  Long before we arrived, the church members had already set up the medical stations, the de-worming area, dental, glasses, pharmacy, and food distribution.  They even created a “green room” where they served us lunch (which they provided) and to kept us fortified with strong, hot coffee all day long.

The patients who came to the clinic were a mixture of “town” and “village” folk.  Much like in the states, you could often see the difference.  Education and jobs are better in town, and many times by simply looking at the patients you could guess where they live.  Nicer clothes, jewelry, and fake fingernails testify to the life in town offers more privilege. 

So why have a clinic in town where medical care is available?  Well, the answer is the outreach of this church.  Everywhere I looked, church volunteers, mostly youth, were working hard to make this experience a good one for the clinic patients.  Everyone who attended was greeted by church members as well as our team members.  They were cared for, and no one left without knowing that the church will still be there tomorrow … and the next day … and the next.

And that’s good for the kingdom. 

Our time here is short.  But, by using our gifts we can extend the ministry of this congregation to the people in the community and beyond.  And it’s all for His Glory.

The health of the team remains generally good, although the “Honduran sinus crud” is threatening a few of us.  Thank goodness, we come with our own fully stocked pharmacy and the medical expertise to dispense it!

Note: We are still in Guaimaca. The line is getting shorter, but we'll be here for several more hours. I am going to go ahead and post this while we have an internet connection, Be sure to check the last few days' posts for added pictures.

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