Sunday, January 26, 2014

La Farmacia

Michelle Guy

Those of you who read the previous day’s blog will understand when you read that today’s adventures began with WAITing on the bus when we encountered a problem with the brakes en route. Praise God that all ended well. While waiting for alternate transportation to our first clinic, I began to contemplate just how amazing God is. Who knew that working in my Daddy’s pharmacy as a high school student would be preparation, not for a career but, for mission trips decades later?! Every year for nine years, I along with faithful others, have worked in la farmacia, the make-shift pharmacy area of our clinics.

Much planning and behind-the-scenes work is done before the mission trip ever begins. A monetary gift is given to Luke 9:2 Ministries each year to fund the medications that are purchased from Blessings International, a non-profit organization that supplies medicines at a reduced cost, specifically for medical mission groups. Once the meds are purchased, a group of volunteers gather at Crievewood Baptist Church for “pill packing.” During this time, thousands of vitamins and other medicines are counted and placed into individual bags, upon which the volunteers have placed labels with dosage directions in Spanish and English. These are then packed into crates for the trip. The liquid medicines, primarily given to children, are purchased in Honduras and await the farmacia staff to pour them into small individual plastic bottles.

Once on the clinic site, the pharmacy team sets up shop, placing medications on whatever tables, desks, benches, etc. they can find. Patients receive paper sacks when they register for the clinic. When the nurse or doctor examines them, he or she writes on the bag which medications, from those packed and bought, are recommended to best treat the patient. The patient takes the bag to la farmacia area, and we place the meds in the bag.


In addition, God has provided an experienced pharmacist for our team. Caleb Williamson is a master at making substitutions for meds we run out of near the end of the trip. He also knows enough about compounding to mix up meds when needed.

God commands us in Matthew 22:39, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Amazing God plans and provides for us to do just that!

Daily Note from a Newbie: Rebekah Towery

It’s such a blessing to see all of the beautiful people of Honduras. I hope to bring glory to God this week. My favorite part of this first clinic day was after I had finished helping in food distribution. Some of the children were playing and found the empty food bags and had sack races. They came up with the most creative ways to keep the races fun and interesting. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of the week!


Thatgirl said...

More bus stories! I'm glad to hear this one had a happy ending. We look forward to hearing the full story. Great job of describing la farmacia, Michelle! Praying for ya'll. Doug and Libby

Bob Morford said...

Brakes! Hmmm... seems we've had this story from prior years, but the good news is that L92M always triumphs with God's help in the end! Great description of Pill Packing Day, Michelle. It's always fun to see all the people who come to support the mission. And a shout out to Caleb for being there to do the compunding when the medicines run short. How blessed it must be for you all to have those skills on the trip! Finally, glad you had the folks from all around make it past this terrible cold in the middle and eastern US this week. The idea of t-shirts and flip flops sounds great...but, of course, the work you guys are doing is exhausting and all of us back here admire your grit in bringing such critical care and Good News to those in need physically and spiritually.
Looking forward to the next installment in the blog!