Thursday, January 30, 2014

Water, Water Everywhere…

Susan Nally

Guimaca, Honduras


Have you considered what your life would be like without clean water?    Let’s examine a few things we know.  Our bodies consist of more than 70 % water.  More than 50% of the earth is covered with water.  A pregnant woman must drink more than 64 ounces of water a day.   Now think about how much water you use just to brush your teeth, washing dishes or washing your clothes. 

Water is necessary to our everyday living!  What would you do if you did not have water available for your everyday existence?  What would you do if you did not have clean water?

Luke 9:2 has been searching for years for a way to bring clean water to the villages where we work.  Last September, Luke 9:2 partnered with Water Steps and the first water system was installed at the mission compound at Cofradia, Honduras.  This new water purification system is supplying clean water to the village people on a regular basis.  All the people have to do is purchase a 5 gallon water bottle for $1.00 and they can continue to bring it back and receive free clean water.  As of this writing, 40 to 50 families bring their jugs to the mission compound twice a week to get their water.


Pastor Nelson says that free water is being taken to the school, the medical clinic and the police department.  Each of these groups have the ability to touch many lives.  It stands to reason that children will become healthier and the community as a whole will see an improvement in everyone’s health.     

 In April of 2014, three more water systems will be installed.  The water team will install systems in two villages and one orphanage.  Lives will be changed because of the availability of clean water.  If you are interested in providing clean, life-giving water to people who cannot get it, you can partner with Luke 9:2 Ministries by going to our website ( to find information about how to make a donation to this specific project.

Be a part of something that will change lives for generations!  Matthew 10:42 reminds us that, “ And anyone who gives one of my humble followers a cup of cool water, just because that person is my follower, will be rewarded.”

Notes from a Newbie:   (Elizabeth Ward) 

I finally got to come on a medical mission trip with Luke 9:2 Ministries to Honduras.  For over 10 years I have been helping to prepare for the trips but always watching them go without me.  It was not my time yet.  I feel blessed to have finally made it to Honduras for this work.

I have seen many pictures of the trips, but until you come you cannot understand fully the extent of the need or the work.  Today we pulled up to our biggest clinic of the week.  There were so many people lined up, you could not see the end of the line.  By the end of the day (7:30 pm) we had served 697 patients; pulled 200 teeth; and given out 141 pairs of glasses. The most that Luke 9:2 Ministries have ever done in one day.

  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2



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