Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Should Love Our Neighbor as Ourselves

Rick Copeland

La Labranza, Honduras


It is time to give a report of accountability to everyone who has invested their time, money and trust in the 35 member group that represented the Luke 9:2 Ministries in Honduras this year.  Your medical, dental and support team has worked hard this week, both individually and as a group.  Some days are harder than others, none harder than Guimaca on Monday.  Up at 5:15 AM, serve almost seven hundred people and return for supper at 10:00 PM, only to get up again at 5:45 AM the next morning.  Tired yes, but not one person complained. 

How does this happen?  First, is the nature of the 35 team member you sent.  Second, it is the team’s recognition of Jesus’ command in Luke 10:27 where he said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” And finally, all of you have a part in this trip as well.  Your dollars, your pill packing and your prayers are a reminder to each of us that many hours are invested before we even travel our first mile.  The numerous personal notes you write for each of us to read every day give us much needed encouragement.  These things all bring peace to our hearts.  If this was the State of the Union address, the President would be saying, “All is well.” 

But remember, nothing stays the same.  Almost 2,700 years ago, Solomon said in Ecclesiastes that there is a season to all things.  If this mission is to change, let it expand and get even better.  For this to happen, our prayer warriors must continue to pray, our pill packers must pack even more pills, more dollars must be raised and people at home and in Honduras must volunteer.  May our services grow and expand in Honduras as they have the last two years with our  eye glasses and fresh water programs.  On behalf of our whole team, thank you for everything you have done for us.  To those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in some way, may you find your gift, use it and feel the joy we feel tonight.


Notes from a Newbie: (Jodi Ervin)

My first time in Honduras, I see the expected brown eyes, but also many blue eyes from German descent.  My eyes are open to these loving people, who like us, want better for their children.  They are eager to learn, eager to have medicine and eager to drink safe water.  This is a beautiful country with gorgeous mountains and tropical plants, and yet such poverty for its people, who go hungry and die from preventable illnesses.  Through the eyes of a Newbie, I have fallen in love with a new land and its people and pray that the Lord provides a way for us to return once again.


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