Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Beautiful Ending

Today we said "goodbye" to Cofradia.  We gathered for our traditional group picture, then loaded the bus for Valley of the Angels, a popular tourist town just outside of Tegucigalpa.  Here's a look at the drive through Tegucigalpa and the countryside going to Valley of the Angels.

Today's weather was beautiful, and it made walking around the Valley of the Angels very pleasant.  We enjoyed a group lunch at Don Juan restaurant on their second-story covered open air patio. A refreshing breeze kept us comfortable while we chatted and ate.  The restaurant served a family style meal of assorted grilled meats, rice, beans, cheese and avocado tray, salsa, chimichurri sauce, and home-made tortilla chips with hot bean dip.  Delicioso!

After lunch we walked around town and shopped for souvenirs.  Valley of the Angels is home to a community of local artisans, including leather workers, carvers, painters and potters.  After shopping for a few hours, we rode back to the city and checked into our hotel in Tegucigalpa.  We were all on our own for supper.

Tomorrow we will board the bus for the trip to the airport and travel home. A small Luke 9:2 Ministries team will come to Cofradia in March to install more water systems and to work on programming for health and hygiene.  In September, a small medical team will come to assist Dr. Ponce in follow up clinics in some of the same communities.

Thanks for your prayers!  And until next year, we say "Dios Le Bendiga!", or "God Bless You"!

Some final pictures...
Girls room at Cofradia

Media center and salon in girl's room

Wash day at the river

Along the highway back down into the city

Monument in downtown Tegucigalpa

On the highway out of the city

Don Juan restaurant in Valley of the Angels

Cheese and avocado tray
Night view of Tegucigalpa 

Leather shop in Valley of the Angels

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