Sunday, January 20, 2019

At the Mercy of Our Ideas

During our devotion time this morning, Stephen reminded us that we are “at the mercy of our ideas” in many areas of our lives.  Some of these ideas are good, and some ideas are detrimental.  This thought stayed in the back of my mind as we travelled to Guiamaca, Honduras.  Guiamaca is a 2-hour bus ride from our home base in Cofradia, so we had to get an early start on the day.

Luke 9:2 Ministries has served in the town of Guaimaca many times.  Typically, Guiamaca is our largest clinic of the week – in terms of the number of patients.  Knowing that, we had the idea that we would see between 500 and 700 people during the course of our clinic today. At the time of this writing, it looks as though we will only see about 400 patients.  When you are providing a medical clinic, it’s hard to know if a smaller number is a good or bad thing!  Perhaps people are not as sick as before, or maybe word just didn’t get out to the communities like in the past.  Either way, it was somewhat disappointing to the team to have smaller numbers.

On the other hand, our ideas of this particular church and their excellent volunteers completely met our expectations!  Once again, the space was completely set up and well organized when we arrived.  Several church members interpreted for us, and many more assisted with crowd flow. Every entrance, doorway and exit (including the bathroom) was “manned” by a smiling attendant who diligently guided patients through the space.  

Additionally, they completely staffed the spiritual counselling station.  As expected, the church prepared a delicious lunch of roasted chicken, potato salad, rice and green salad with beets for the entire team.  And don’t forget the coffee!  Throughout the day, they circulated among the team offering fresh hot coffee and cookies.

Just after lunch, today, we recorded a tour of the clinic via Facebook Live.  If you’d like to see this video live, simply click on this link or go to the Luke 9:2 Ministries Facebookpage post.  You may also click on the link on the homepage.  You do not have to have a Facebook account in order to view the video.  Hopefully, this tour will give you a clear idea of how our team works together to serve here in Honduras.

The health of every team members remains good.  Will and Loretta are still waiting for their luggage to find its way to Honduras, but, both of them have been extremely gracious during this waiting period.  For those experiencing cold weather in the US, I’m happy to report that here in Guiamaca, it is a lovely 74 degrees.  If that sounds appealing to you, then plan to join us next year!

Thanks for your prayers!

More pictures from today:

Cofradia camp

Unique landscaping at Cofradia

Patients waiting in orderly lines upon our arrival in Guaimaca

Blood pressure station

Team members at the vitamin station see every patient

Brian Ponce carrying on the family passion for medical missions

Janet and Nellet work with spry 90-year-old!

Pharmacist Tricia

Bremelly comforts a young dental patient
Libby lending a hand with one of Dr. Rick's patients

Greg sterilizing dental instruments

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