Monday, January 21, 2019

Love That Smile!

Last night we returned to Cofradía from Guiamaca at about 8:15 p.m.  It was a LONG day.  Our final count was 403 patients. They trickled in all day, and so we didn’t leave Guiamaca until after dark.  We also learned that that there were at least four new professions of faith yesterday!  When we got back to Cofradía, Letsbi had prepared a delicious dinner for us of barbeque porkchops, rice, steamed squash and salad.  Even though we were eating a late dinner, it didn’t slow us down very much!

This morning after a breakfast of pancakes and watermelon, we boarded the bus for Rio Dulce.  Today was the first time our January medical team held a clinic in this particular community so we weren’t sure what to expect.

The bus ride took about an hour.  When we arrived, we saw about 150 people waiting for us.  But unlike yesterday, where the church volunteers had already organized the space and put people in orderly lines, today’s gathering was just a crowd of swarming people.  However, there was a sense of happiness which was visible on people’s faces.

As I walked to the food distribution area, three children ran up to me, waving, smiling, and saying “Hello!”.  My new friends Kelly, Latricia, and Tony, told me they were 7, 5 and 5 years old.  Actually, they told me a lot more, but that’s all that I could understand!  What struck me about them, and the other children playing in the church yard, was their lively spirit.  They seemed happy and healthy, just the way you hope to see children!

 Biblica Bautista Salem (Salem Bible Baptist Church) hosted our clinic today.  The church building is lovely.  We set up the medical providers in the main sanctuary, and the rest of us took over the rooms where they hold Sunday School classes.  We had plenty of light, space, and seating – 3 most precious commodities when doing a medical clinic!

The medical team reports that this area has a huge concentration of people with dangerously high blood sugar levels.  Some folks have medication but choose not to take it regularly.  Others can’t afford the medication.  We are helping all we can.

Todd, our orthopedic specialist, had an especially busy day.  A good many of the senior adults had arthritis and other joint pain.  Todd also saw many patients who had been in motorcycle or car accidents in the past.  Many of them were also experiencing joint pain.  Todd was also able to teach them exercises to help them regain mobility in the previously broken legs and arms.

As of this writing it looks like we will see about 425 patients.  A good day, full of smiles!

UPDATE: The wayward luggage arrived today!  Will and Lorretta are particularly grateful for your prayers in that department :-)

More pictures from Rio Ducle...
The Eye Glasses Team pitches in to fill food bags

Michelle assists Dr. Rick in dental

Brenda taking blood pressures

Debie, a young adult member of the church in Rio Dulce
Dr. Jorge with a patient

Medical stations setup in the church sanctuary

Elizabeth measuring eyes with the auto refractometer

Salem Baptist Church, Kiandy, Arleni, and Jesler waiting to see a doctor

Stephen helped out in pharmacy today

Boys playing soccer beside the church (yes, that's a concrete slab)

"Grandpa Stephen" creating smiles!

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Margaret Morford said...

So glad the lost luggage arrived as I am sure Will and Loretta are! The professions of faith are amazing. Kudos to Nikki and Pat for their organization of the evangelism, not only for the Hondurans, but for the team before we left. The devotionals were very thought-provoking and made me see what we do there in a whole different light!

It has warmed up a bit here - 49 will be our high today so the snow on my deck will finally melt. However, we are saving the really cold weather for your return. High Friday is predicted to be 34 and low Friday night 25 - about the temperature of the showers there!

I know you said you missed the red galaxy wolf asteroid star planet lunar eclipse Sunday night. (I can't keep straight the order or the number of things that go into naming that event). You wouldn't have seen it here either. Moon clouded over completely about 10 PM Sunday night - you know just as the event was about to start! Didn't want you to think you missed it here either.

Stay well and know that we are praying for you here!

Dental Assistant (Practice limited to remote Honduras only)